Vahid Sadeghian

Vahid Sadeghian

Ph.D., EIT
Assistant Professor, Carleton University

Vahid Sadeghian, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Carleton University. Dr. Sadeghian received his B.A.Sc. degree from the University of Tehran (2009), and his M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Toronto (2012 and 2017, respectively).

During his master studies, as part of his NSERC-IPS scholarship, he worked at LEA Engineering Consulting where he was responsible for modelling and analysis of the staged construction effects on a subway station structure in Toronto (2012). After finishing his studies, he worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Toronto on a project related to seismic performance assessment of a Candu containment structure using nonlinear three-dimensional FE models (2017). Before joining the Carleton University, Dr. Sadeghian worked as a Structural Engineer at Arup group for a period of six months where he was involved in safety assessment and strengthening design of the existing structural elements of the Toronto’s Pearson International Airport affected by new extensions to the terminals.

Dr. Sadeghian’s research focus is on performance and safety assessment of reinforced concrete structures using advanced analytical and experimental simulation methods. He, along with F.J. Vecchio and O-S. Kwon, has developed a unique multi-platform simulation framework, Cyrus, which enables integration of different FE analysis tools (including VecTor) as well as testing facilities enabling engineers to have a better understanding of the structural behaviour at the component- and system-level. He has been actively involved in research projects related to hybrid (numerical-experimental) simulation, development of nonlinear FE analysis tools, multi-scale and multi-platform modelling, behaviour of repaired and rehabilitated structures, and behavior and modelling of modern concrete structures.

He has authored technical papers that have been published in several well-recognized structural engineering journals such as ACI Structural Journal and Engineering Structures Journal. For more information about Dr. Sadeghian, please refer to his research website.